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Property Sourcing in London for Overseas Buyers

The UK law allows non-UK citizens to own property in the UK. International investors are currently the main contributors to the high growth rate of the prestige property market of London. A majority of the developers in London, finance lenders, and real estate agents all work together to make excellent deals and offer flexible terms for investors from overseas. Sourcing Property in London As a buyer from overseas, who is sourcing for property in London, you should hire our highly knowledgable agents who have a good reputation and years of experience to help you. The entire process might seem very complicated, but it will be straightforward and seamless when industry professionals handle it on your behalf. Below are a few things that you can get help with from our agents. Overcoming challenges that foreign buyers experience in London Improving your chances of getting better financing and negotiating the purchase price Getting the right property for your exact needs Getting a reasonable and secure deal Speeding up the Property Purchase Process There is a predefined procedure that you should follow when buying any property in London from abroad. For starters, you have to work with a solicitor based in the UK. Always choose us, the industry leaders, for the best services. We can help steer you towards some of our trusted and proven individuals to aid any transaction. Forwarding Your Offer After selecting the property you wish to invest in, our team will send your offer to the seller in writing and to yourselves. The proposal should indicate all your additional requirements. At this stage, there won't be any legal obligation. Acceptance of Offer If the seller accepts your offer, the agents from both parties will work on a contract, which both parties should agree. You will then have to pay a deposit (usually 10%) which you can do via the solicitors. Completion The process of purchase is completed after the entire amount agreed on for the property has been paid. The keys are handed over to you, the new owner, as the last step of the process. What You Need to Know About Property Sourcing in London One of the most important things to do when buying a property in London is to get the sourcing right. And this article walks you through this process.

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