China and the property future

Uk property investment


Safe-haven residential property markets, such as London, still continue to pull overseas investors. Chinese investors continue to move their money into more stable climates such as the UK after their crisis last month. Base purchase prices for first time investors has risen due to the devalued Yuan, but, the UK property market is still the golden egg for many buyers with certain yields and capital growth over medium to long-term property investments.

Originally, when the global markets first saw a slow-down, London property saw marginal declines and a much faster recovery than other global property arena’s. London has an extremely robust economy, burgeoning population and a very strong currency which all drive strong international and local markets for UK property. These boast the perfect incubation conditions for longer-term investments and investors are happy to take the risk. Yields in London are still very favorable compared to the banking sector rates with investors in outer London achieving around 6% per annum.

Prime Central London property is always lower at around 2-3% but with much higher capital growth in shorter time-frames. Crossrail will begin opening its doors in 2018 and these locations have been favored for the last three years with international investors and we believe this is a good place to start. Areas outside of London has been boosted with lower property pricing and a busy rental market.

Many smaller towns and cities across the UK have seen new waves of investment such as Huddersfield and Hull. These areas are now benefiting from rental yields of 7-10% per annum which are ever increasingly becoming more attractive to new investors.

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