Doncaster property. A good bet. By John Swinfield

Doncaster property. A good bet. By John Swinfield

Whenever Doncaster is mentioned I think of four things: Nuttall’s mintoes, a special favourite of mine as a child ( William Nuttall’s factory, some sort of heaven for those with a sweet tooth, also created the never-bettered Liquorice Lump); Doncaster Races, where every horse I’ve backed has failed to cross the finish line, let alone win; Jeremy Clarkson was born there, the motoring hack who made Top Gear one of the biggest TV shows and one of the BBC’s greatest money-spinners; and Thomas Crapper, who did the world a favour by inventing the flushing lavatory, offering global relief to all involved..

Doncaster, like so many of Britain’s northern towns, has an astonishingly proud history and a future to match. With the government pledged to boost what it calls ‘ the northern power-houses,’ Doncaster, the largest market town in south Yorkshire – the population was 305,000 in 2014 – is poised to be one of the beneficiaries. In the past it’s made its mark in everything from aviation to coal – it has huge quantities of the latter – which were then transported to the great industrial citadels which it neighbours, such places as Sheffield, a mere 20 miles away, once the greatest steel-making city in the world, and which today is still one of Britain’s most vibrant and go-ahead centres.

It’s the geographic location of Doncaster which adds to its commercial attractiveness. It’s traditionally been a wealthy area and has weathered successfully the economic difficulties which it faced with the demise of coal. It’s developed a thriving service sector to replace some of the heavy industries of the past and it’s always had a prosperous and attractive residential side to it. Doncaster has long enjoyed first-class communications. The AI (the old Great North Road), links London to Edinburgh. Doncaster’s rail and motorway network, and its Robin Hood Airport, provide good transport links. Doncaster’s Education City Campus is one of the largest education investments in the UK.

John Swinfield