Great Britain’s new Prime Minister

Great Britain’s new Prime Minister

Great Britain’s new Prime Minister, Theresa May, is an excellent choice, She is the natural successor to David Cameron. She’s seasoned, steely, highly experienced and immensely capable. Her appointment is first-class news for property investors wishing to invest in Great Britain. Theresa May is an internationalist – a ‘remainer’ in the recent Brexit referendum. She is not, thankfully, any sort of extremist. She will bring considerable intellect (Oxford et al) and much needed political and economic stability.

Crucially, she has made it plain that she is determined to forge global trading relationships, not only with Europe, but with countries and continents far beyond Europe’s embrace. Asia, and its huge opportunities, is high on her list of economic importances. George Osborne, the Chancellor, is currently on a goodwill tour cementing Great Britain’s long-standing relationship with the US. He will soon be in Singapore assuring investors that Great Britain is ‘open for business’ and more determined than ever to bolster its reputation as one of the most commercially-minded nations in the world.

The falling pound means there are some astonishing bargains to be had by property investors in Britain from such places as Singapore, Hong Kong and China. With Britain’s housing crisis – there are not enough homes for people to buy, at prices they can afford – a thriving buy-to-let market is likely to remain an absolute priority for the May government. Some of the property developments outside London – especially in some of the northern cities – are looking especially attractive to overseas investors. They offer remarkable value for money – the pound now goes so much further -with the likelihood of good rental returns and the added bonus of handsome capital appreciation.

Theresa May proved herself at the Home Office, one of the most demanding of all Cabinet positions. She has an eye for detail, she’s a workaholic, and she possesses an iron determination to make Brexit work to Britain’s advantage. A former banker, with lengthy City experience – she understands the economy, which is vital – she’s also unflashy, down-to-earth, a moderniser, and if the world thinks Angela Merkel is tough – wait until May takes to the stage.

While the Labour Party tears itself to shreds – which is bad news in that a democracy needs a functioning opposition ( is Corbyn a Cameron plant?) the Conservative Party, with immaculate timing, announces May’s Coronation at the very hour that Angela Eagle declares that she’s going to stand as leader of the Labour Party. So while the Tories get back to governing, after the tumultuous events of the past two weeks, Labour embarks on another round of serious blood-letting.

John Swinfield