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Strange but true - a man viewed an apartment to find it was a shed with a a living room.

A tenant that viewed an apartment recently was left stunned to find not a normal bedsit apartment but a bed squeezed into a garden shed that was situated within a living room of a house.

The tenant was shocked to think that someone was asking for £530 per month rental for a self-contained garden shed! The tenant was moving into the Bethnal Green area as he had secured a new job and was travelling from another location.

He left after the viewing laughing the entire way home on the London underground as he just couldn’t believe that a landlord thought this was acceptable to offer as a self-contained bedroom. He also couldn’t believe that someone wanted £530 per month for this supposed accommodation!

We thought we had heard some tall stories in the past at LLNH but this really is the strangest accommodation. Luckily for our tenants we don’t offer anything of this type!

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Written by Dominic Swinfield, CEO LLNH

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