London property ranks #1 globally

London premier property market

London and New York have always tussled for the world’s premier property market, with London, England currently leading as the city for the global wealthy.

We expect London’s property market to stay at the top of the global list for at least the next decade, New York could overtake the market in 2024.

Pricing in prime central London property have risen faster than any major city in the last 10 year period, including anywhere in Asia. Pricing percentage rises have risen at 130%+ in central London since 2004, second in place is Hong Kong at 93%, third in line is New York at 70%+ and lastly Singapore with 69%.

This is great news for all of our investors bolstering the buyers of prime London property and feeling the rental market. #llnh #kingscross #mayfair #dominicswinfield #singaporeinvestor #hongkonginvestor #landlord #rental #investment
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