Is London’s housing market set to soar?

Housing prices across have risen 14% since the last election!

House hunting in London can be a total nightmare with horror stories in the press of miniature apartments on sale for stratospheric prices.

House prices across the country have risen by 14% since the last election and it was a key point in the campaign, although the London property market has slowed down in recent months.

Wages during the same period of time have remained stagnant, and UK properties now cost up to five times the average first-time buyer’s salary.

Once wealthy Londoner’s heard the news that the Conservative party had been elected, low-key property deals were being conducted locally to our offices in Mayfair with buyers parting with vast sums of money to secure property that they had no confidence to purchase previously before the elections.

Already, buyers and sellers have been flocking to snap up the latest property developments in London.

As always! London bounces back and offers amazing capital growth for its investors.

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