UK Property Finders

UK Property Finders - Sourcing your perfect property with none of the traditional hassle when purchasing

For over 5 years LLNH Property Finders have sourced, negotiated and secured properties on behalf of its global clients. Individuals and corporations acquiring private residences, second homes, properties for rental or investment and on many occasions before the property has even come onto the open market.

The basis of our success is knowledge, professionalism and trust. LLNH sourcing agents have unparalleled specialist knowledge of their individual property arena, combined with an extensive network of professional contacts and the trust of our clients internationally.

LLNH is independent and privately owned, this enables us as your personal Property Finders to offer objective and wholly impartial advice, whilst also providing clients with complete discretion.

Our journey as property finders came after a long-term client based in Singapore asked us to source an apartment for his daughter whilst she was at university in London training as a medic. We managed to aid our buyer in a few key areas: Saving time and hassle searching for properties, developing trust with our co-agents, negotiating a superior price, securing the correct property swiftly and providing our proven legal team to conduct the transaction.

LLNH Property Finders literally handles every aspect of your perfect purchase from the moment we take your call or email.

At LLNH we understand that every client’s requirement is unique. We tailor your needs to fit the exact property taking into account the entire property market. Unlike an traditional estate agent, we don’t have to adhere to a small stock list of property in one location, we can cover globally. We can trawl the entire market, conduct detailed searches with every single agent or seller in your selected area.

We check prior sales, pricing, history of a development and a whole host of relevant information about your selected property which an estate agent will not even think about.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.